Major Word Enthusiast

From poetry to fiction to film to environmental justice… I like digging for meaning and then shaping & sharing the things I have found.

Check out my series of Writing Confessions!

Confession #1: About my Interview with Majid Majidi

I’ve spent a lot of my time reading/writing/analyzing analyses. From my very first day in my freshman English class reading To Kill a Mockingbird to doing literally anything in the humanities, I’ve learned to automatically ask, “What was the author’s intent?” I’ve analyzed literature, music, film, and theatre (as well as analytical essays in allContinue reading “Confession #1: About my Interview with Majid Majidi”

Confession #3: Poking the Fire

If there’s anything I got out of this Gateway course, it is the hunger for making myself laugh. I really enjoy poking fun with my writing. This sentiment is expressed in my Confession #1,  but I am becoming more and more aware of the ridiculousness of so many writing conventions and general norms. Now, IContinue reading “Confession #3: Poking the Fire”

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