About Me

I am a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Creative Writing with a Sweetland Minor in Writing and a Minor in Music.

Storytelling is at the center of everything I do. Poetry is probably my first love because I owe it the most. I started writing short stories when I was quite young because I wanted to remember the plot of my games of Pretend from playtime to playtime. Outside of fantastical worlds and metaphors, I am interested in environmental issues as well as social justice.

I am a Storyteller with the Center for Socially Engaged Design at the University of Michigan. In this role, I have learned how to collaborate with others to tell their stories in a way that is kind, uplifting, and empowering.

I am also the Co-Director of Programming for Project WriteOn – a student organization at U-M whose mission is to use writing as a medium in which to find self and community healing. I plan workshops and activities within our org as well as in the greater Ann Arbor area.

I am writer, but also a musician! My cello “Jude” is one of my dearest friends, and my ukulele “F. Scotty” is one of my loudest friends. My piano is unnamed but I like to sing with her/him/them whenever I can.

Oh, and I like nature. Very, very much.

Feel free to reach out! Go ahead and send me something writing-related or just a picture of a pretty sunset! You can reach me at contact@malinanderssonwriting.com

Enjoy this slideshow of my favorite inspirations for writing.

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